the Story

The Joy of Down Syndrome, was revealed after learning that there is only a one percent chance, so thinking our baby will not have Down syndrome. A breech baby turns and is born without a name. A forgotten birthday party is given without candles? Dinner with friends starts to improve a broken heart. Thus, begins some laugh out loud moments, plus a series of events, that exemplify not only a beautiful love but also a quiet societal fear. 

Vainglorious doctors, producing perfect babies. Supreme Court making an ignorant decision. State laws over a hundred years old. Plus, the accepted misuse of the word retard, added to a pot that calls the kettle black.

A job interview, reading, going to the movies, or delivering a forgotten lunch to school are ordinary activities that readers might be familiar with.  Yet add an extra chromosome into the mix and see the mundane transformed like you’ve never imagined. Common place to be reveled, remembered and retold. 

My Olympian